Why is it Important to have a Scuba Diving Buddy?

There are many reasons to have a scuba diving buddy EVERY time you scuba dive. With A dive buddy you can escape a near death experience, to have more fun, and to just simply be safe.

Diving with a buddy you can enjoy yourself more while being safer. You can explore more areas and share your experience with your buddy. You also have someone there to verify your dive or take pictures of you next to a great creature.

Your Life Crisis

Your life could become in danger if you dive alone. There would be no one to help you if you got caught up in something to where you could not cut your way out of. Say you did not have your dive knife or could not get to it, your buddy would be there to help.

There is a chance you could run too low on air to get back to the surface and may need to buddy breathe with your partner.

Buddy breathing is something you learn during your qualification, but it means to use your partners emergency regulator and head for the surface.

Diving can be a dangerous if you are not properly trained. Having someone that is just as qualified as you are is not needed but you should only dive to what that person is qualified to do. You do not want to take them on a diving adventure that puts their lives at risk if you are the most experienced diver.

To Have the Most Fun

You will have more fun with a fellow diver with you. You can explore more areas and see different things as you share them with your dive partner. You can also have someone to chase around, someone to float in place with or have a competition of buoyancy underwater with.

There are a number of ways you can have fun with your dive partner. You will experience different things at the same time while diving the same reef. When you surface you can share your experiences of what you both saw.

It gives you a sense of security, there are strength in numbers and the same is true for under the water. Say there is a shark that comes around. You are likely to be left alone if there are more divers in the water huddled together than if you are solo.

To be Safe

You will always be safer when you dive with a buddy. The reasons for this are endless. Some of the biggest reasons have already been listed but there is also the ability to have your partner to do a buddy check over your gear before you even enter the water.

This can alleviate some problems that may occur when you are under the water. There is never a good time to have a problem while diving but if you do the best place to have it is before entering the water.

That is where the buddy check comes in handy.


So no matter the kind of diving you are going to do make sure to dive with a buddy at all times. You will have more fun when you dive with a partner and you will definitely be safer for it.

Plus you get to have your buddy sign your log book proving the kind of dive you had and what you may have seen.

Diving with a buddy can save your life if something goes horribly wrong, which you hope never does.

Feel free to comment, discuss or ask questions in the comment section below.

As Always, Happy Diving.

4 Replies to “Why is it Important to have a Scuba Diving Buddy?”

  1. I think it is very important to have someone with you when you dive. I like the article very much and it is very informative. I am glad that you have a way of making something so important fun and exciting with the tips so that it doesn’t seem like you are chained to someone. They are usually your friend or partner anyway.

    1. Good points Lynda! You are very right that you usually know the person you are diving with pretty well. This actually helps you feel safer when you know who you are with.

  2. Even the good book says “Two are better than one.” Diving is a risky adventure, and anything could go wrong especially when you least expect. However, with an experienced buddy partner, the risk can be managed together.  I remembered an experience I had years back that would have claimed my life. I dived into the deep part of a swimming pool, but thankfully there were buddies close by, they jumped in and brought me out safely

    1. A dive partner is always always there when you need them. Diving is risky and things can go wrong as you stated. Thanks for the comment.

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