The Best Wet Suit for Caribbean Diving – To be the Most Comfortable

Here is a topic that comes up when people go diving. They wanna know what to know which wet suit they should wear. As there are several options for different wet suits, you can find your answer here.

More specifically I am going to address the wet suit you would want to dive in when you are scuba diving in the Caribbean. Also, I will talk about other ways you can remain comfortable in the water while you are diving or snorkeling.

Since the sport of scuba diving goes hand in hand with snorkeling, I want to express to you that you can use any combination of wet suit that you are about to read about.

The Shorty

Many people know what a shorty wet suit is. I would have to say that a shorty is probably the best for Caribbean diving. It allows you to be mobile while having a little bit of warmth. The shorty is not very thick at all, it is about 2 – 3 mm in thickness.

A shorty looks is a one piece suit that zips in the back. It can be many colors or a solid one as well. You can get these at House of Scuba by clicking the picture.

As you can see they come in both men and women sizes. These are great for warm water scuba diving, surfing, or even snorkeling. They are comfortable to wear and easy to put on.

I think that overall this would be my number one pick of wet suits to scuba dive in the Caribbean with. Also, you can see that they are not too expensive either.

The Full Monty

You can still get a full length wet suit if that is what you prefer for scuba diving. Even if you are diving in warm water. Again, the thickness is only about 2 – 3 mm and adds just a bit more protection than the shorty. Especially if you are around a lot of coral that you could scrape against.

Coral reefs have the most creatures around them because of the diverse habitats that it forms. So if you are worried about getting bit by a fish or stung by a jelly fish this would be the way to go. Covering as much of your body is not such a bad idea as it helps protect you from the sunlight streaming through the water.

You can find full wet suits at House of Scuba as well, they even have some there that are camouflaged for spearfishing. If you have not read my article on spearfishing click here. This will give you the down low on what you need to spearfish.

You can get a full wet suit in either a one or two pieces. The one piece is a bit harder to get on unless you have dive socks that help your feet slide down the neoprene. A two piece wet suit or farmer john as they are called for men or farmer Jane for women are like a pair of overalls that you put on that have suspenders and than a top to go over that.

This would be my second recommendation as far as scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Swimsuit with Rashgaurd

Sometimes you just do not want to be bothered with a wet suit and you wanna jump in with your rashgaurd and swimsuit on. That is not a bad idea at all. You can very easily get away with a rashgaurd and swimsuit in the Caribbean but again you are limited on skin protection.

This outfit would be best for snorkeling in the Caribbean as it provides the best protection from the sun. Rashguards are simply a type of t-shirt, long or short sleeve, that offers UVA protection from the sun.

This is typically a good thing since the water you are in amplifies the suns rays causing you to burn much easier than you would if you were on land.

Although, I have gone scuba diving in the Caribbean in this manner of a swimsuit and rashgaurd, I still think it is one of my least favorite ways to dive. So I would rank this as my second to last option for diving but it would remain as my number one for snorkeling.

Regular Swimsuit

You are more than welcome to wear a normal swimsuit when you dive. There are no laws saying you can not do so. Especially in the Caribbean where the sun, sand, and water are all warm. However, not wearing anything offers very little protection from anything in the water or from the sun.

A regular swimsuit would probably be my least recommended method due to the fact that you have no protection at all. Jelly fish can be very small and sting easily if you are not paying attention and swim right through a group of them.

Trust me I have done this and it is not a pleasant experience and it is more of an itchy annoying pain than anything else. It also lasts for some time well after you get out of the water.


So there ya have it folks! If you are ever looking for the best wet suit to dive in the Caribbean with it would be a 2 – 3 mm shorty in my opinion. It offers you enough protection that you will need while diving in the Caribbean but still allows you to enjoy the warm water around you.

If you feel you need more protection go with the full wet suit; one piece or farmer john the choice is yours. Just make sure that you do not overload yourself with a wet suit by getting one that is too thick for the Caribbean.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to drop them in the comments box below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest the links are down below as well. Thanks

As Always, Happy Diving

2 Replies to “The Best Wet Suit for Caribbean Diving – To be the Most Comfortable”

  1. While I have never done scuba diving, I have added it to my to-do list before I clock 40, which I will be turning in less than 10 months now. The shorty seems spot on for me, fashionable, fuzzy and complimenting. I look forward to having one and actually taking it underwater.

    1. Keep in mind that a shorty is for warm water and you will want to make sure you get a wet suit that allows you to be comfortable in the water that you are diving in. Best of luck to you on your scuba journey. It is well worth it and very addictive!

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