Scuba Diving Gear Packages – What You Need to Dive

Scuba diving can range from snorkeling on top of the water to going down to the depths. It all depends on what you are qualified for and having the right equipment. Embarking on a diving adventure is something that is unlike anything else you have ever done. It gives you the satisfaction on the beach, ocean, sea creatures all wrapped up into one event.

Importance Of Proper Scuba Gear

Having the proper gear will take just a bit of time to get figured out but once you have everything from head to toe you will be set for a lifetime of diving. You will first need a mask and snorkel. There are many styles of masks for all peoples faces.

You need to find a mask that you can fit to your face and have it suctions on without using the strap. This will help prevent any water from leaking in while you are observing the wonders below. There are even masks that cover your ear for those who have issues with their ears.

A wet or dry suit would be the next thing you want to prepare for. When you are diving in waters where it is warm you can probably get a way with a wet suit that is three millimeters. In colder waters you are going to want a heavier wet suit or even a dry suit.

A dry suit is exactly that. It keeps you dry, all except your face. It also acts as you BCD which will be discussed below. A dry suit has boots and gloves that attach to the suit itself so that no water leaks in keeping you warm and dry. There are also thermal clothing that can help keep you warm. These types of suits are recommended for cold water diving like in the Pacific Northwest.

BCD or Bouyancy Control Device is a vest of sorts that helps you maintain flotation while in the water. It can be filled by mouth by blowing into a tube or it can be inflated by pressing a button using air from your scuba tank.

The Octopus is what you need for breathing underwater. It has two parts, one is your regulator that you breathe through and the other is an emergency regulator for your buddy if they run out of air while under water.

Your gauges or dive computer, these tell you what your depth is and how much air you have. This is VERY important to manage your airflow so you have enough to make it back to the surface without running out of air.

Your fins are what propel you through the water. There are many kinds of fins that you can choose from. Split fins, full fins, fins that you don’t need boots with and others that you do. These are just some fins that you will need to find what works best for you.

Lastly, is your scuba tank. Always make sure that you have an O-ring installed in the neck of the tank. When connecting your octopus, make sure to lube the O-ring with water. This will help guarantee a tight seal and not have any air leaking out of your tank.

Have The Proper Training

You should always be certified to the level that you are diving. If you are a beginner DO NOT go below the recommended depths. Once you get more training or certifications under your belt you will be able to do so much more.

Some certifications that you will be able to explore are: Deep diving, Rescue diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Cave Diving, Wreck Diving, Master Diver, etc…

Setting Up Your Gear

Your gear is important because it can literally be life or death under the water. You will need to set up your gear before entering the water. First you want to get the proper tank for your dive. You will need to strap it into you BCD and make sure that it will not interfere with your legs while walking which in turn will be the same as kicking in the water.

Next you need to connect your octopus to the tank and secure it to your BCD and check how much air you have based on the reading of your gauges or dive computer.

Suit up! Getting into your wet suit or dry suit can be a bit of a struggle you want to do this as close to the time you are going to enter the water.

Once you have your suit on, go ahead and put on your BCD. Adjust it if needed to make sure that it fits comfortably and secure it to yourself with the straps.

Lastly you will need to put on your fins and mask. This can be done in the shallow waters that way you can maneuver out to the deeper water once your all set.

Diving With A Buddy

It is imperative that you dive with a buddy or group. Never dive alone! Diving with a buddy is important because you it gives you an extra security in case something goes wrong.

Make sure to always stay close to your buddy in case of murky waters or kelp beds, you can easily get separated. If you get separated make sure to surface and stay at the top until you buddy surfaces as well.

Once you find each other you can resume your dive if you both have enough air to proceed.


In conclusion, selecting the proper gear will be most beneficial. It is important to select get what you need for a dive and be prepared for what sort of dive you will be diving.

Know your limitations when diving based on what you have been certified for and/or have certifications. Set your gear up and double check everything before entering the water. You will be thankful that you take the necessary precautions before entering the water.

Always dive with a buddy, your buddy is your secondary life source under the water. Make sure to stick together and never cut it close on air.

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  1. This is a wonderful and carefully reviewed product. I actually read over and over in order to be convinced. Its only possible to have good result when all factors are put into consideration.This is an eye opener for me because i am just getting to know about this lovely scuba diving gear package and i will be getting mine anytime soon. Thanks for sharing

    1. You are most welcome Tracy. make sure to come back when you are looking for a scuba package and I can help you find something that suits you nicely. Happy diving!

  2. I find this outline very helpful and engaging. Thank you very much for this article on “things needed to dive”… Diving is very interesting and relaxing and  i have always loved it. However, without proper gear packages, diving could be difficult especially when one is going beneath the dip.
    Thank you once again for this great article.

  3. It’s the passion of diving that made Shawn to share the fruit of his experience and knowledge with us, this post is very much informative especially to me. I have gone through the post and am able to understand more on Diving. I never knew scuba diving is sport that can allow us go deep under water and see amazing natures . my question is just to confirm if there is any diving equipment I can live without?

  4. Hello Shawn,

    I learned a lot of new things by reading your educative post about Scuba Diving. The matter is really dangerous. The whole thing is to happen under the water that’s why there must be an additional caution. The proper gear or Buoyancy Control Device or the mask and snorkel are required to be checked repeatedly. And always have to dive with a buddy, as you have been the suggestion. Would you mind if, how long will it take to be proficient in scuba diving?
    Thank you sincerely for the very very important post.

    Warm wishes,

    1. To become proficient at it, you only need to take the open water course and get a few dives under your belt. The more you dive the more you will be comfortable under the water.

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